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The couple share a very good relationship with each other and due to their strong bonding, many people are now speculating that the couple might get married soon. Michelle who was single for a long time found the perfect match in Steve. Many of her fans would love to see the 41-years-old tie the knot with her sweetheart.And when Michelle and Colin talked on a phone, these problems were sorted out. Michelle’s battle with sports host Erin Andrews goes on; even she mentioned that she is not a fan of Erin Andrews.Well, war between Beadle and Erin Andrews took a high position, once in 2011 Erin accused that Beadle had sex with Clay Matthews.Reporters Marcellus Wiley and Max Kellerman were getting all the fun during the interview as they asked various questions regarding Michelle and Steve's personal life.Steve revealed that she is a strong person but she's very soft and humble inside. The interview was hilarious and all four of them enjoyed their time.

But first, let us take a small moment and clear the air regarding the rumor of their marriage.

At that time, Beadle revealed the news that they have been dating for six months.

Her relationship with Matthew did not last for a long time and the couple eventually broke up.

To be exact, there were rumors about her marriage on the internet once, but the truth is, she has never been married before and the rumors were nothing but just a false statement posted by some stupid people out there.

Steve and Michelle have made many public appearances together already, and they are not secretive about their relationship whatsoever.

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