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In Touch“Rob’s been seeing [reality star] Mehgan James for almost three months, and most of the Kardashians are very upset about it because Mehgan is known for being out of control and volatile,” alleged a source.“The Kardashians want Rob to find a woman who is kind and calm.” Us Weekly‘s sources says they’re a good fit. “Mehgan’s been supporting Rob and his business for some time now,” says one insider.

You already know Hawk and some of the biggest stars in the world like Le Bron, The Rock, and Justin Bieber were called out by Ben Stiller (White) to compete in a dodgeball death match for Stiller's charity. and basically told us he's more Team Le Bron than Team Joe's. dodging balls from Stiller sounds a lot safer than dodging nut shots from Draymond Green.Either of them are yet to speak publicly about the relationship, but it sounds like things are starting to blossom for them after RIo was snapped leaving her house after a romantic weekend earlier in the year.Pictures: Instagram Who knew Disney's male characters would end up being the men of our dreams?And that's why you decided to start up your relationship with Soul Cycle again!The power of astrology extends into the romantic realm as well.

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The Remember Me actor, meanwhile, is engaged to singer FKA Twigs.

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