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To be honest, it is not something that I have ever considered before this trip.But several parents had told us that it worked for them, and we were feeling desperate.My mother fed the three of us cough meds as we left a few times and after that it was Pavlovian — we’d all get in the car and immediately crash.I fall asleep if I’m not driving.” Collette says that her mother used to give her whiskey in hot milk.Even more important is that, with any medication, there can be dangerous side effects, such as a fast or irregular heartbeat, seizures, and changes in blood pressure.Because the risks of serious adverse reactions often outweigh the benefits, over-the-counter medicines must be used with caution in babies and young children.I recently flew halfway across the world with an infant (a 20-hour travel day), and even though I'm a a pediatrician I briefly considered the idea that sedation might be a good thing.

Will your baby scream the whole way, and are fellow passengers going to give you dirty looks?

It’s not unusual for parents to consider avoiding such potential problems by using medication to make their baby sleep.

Medication is a tempting way to keep your baby quiet for a few hours during a trip, but I don’t recommend it.

And after getting an earful from other parents both on Twitter and via email, I began to wonder if doing something that could make a child comfortable — and one’s fellow travelers considerably less inconvenienced – was such a big deal.“I’ve totally given Benadryl as a way to get the kids to go to sleep when they were littler,” says my friend Collette, whose sons are now tweens like mine. I would do it on a flight if I thought it would make them less freaked out.” But, she admits, “I’ve never made it a habit.”And my friend Ted, who has two school-age daughters, regaled me with the story of flying to Florida a few years ago, “crouched down behind the row of seats in the departure lounge, feeding my perfectly healthy kids cough syrup so they will sleep, and looking guiltily around to see if I am going to be caught.

Down at the other end of the long row of benches, I catch the eye of another parent doing the same thing to her daughter.

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When I wrote last week about the 2-year-old girl who, along with her whole family, was kicked off a Jet Blue flight for having a tantrum, I expected an outpouring of responses. I’d never given my two daughters Benadryl or anything else to calm them down when they were young travelers, and the thought of doing so seemed wrong to me.

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