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Endnotes identify each source found within the table. There is not enough information to determine if he started the years for Nebuchadnezzar in Tishri or Nisan; both assumptions fit the data.”—Young, When Did Jerusalem Fall? ] as occurring at the beginning of a Jubilee year allows a complete calendar of Jubilee and Sabbatical years in B.

Biblical chronology is one of the most complex areas of biblical study and has occupied some of the most devoted and best minds over the centuries. The last is the most exact information to come from cuneiform records for an event recorded in the Bible, and gives us a precise day for the fall of Jerusalem and the capture of Jehoiachin.”—Finegan, Handbook of Biblical Chronology, 256. The key is to observe that the previously mentioned second deportation occurring in 597 B.

For information concerning the chronological structure of the book of Daniel, see Chronology of Daniel. Since Tyre’s schadenfreude could only have been expressed after the fall of Jerusalem and it had been ‘laid waste,’ Ezekiel’s oracle must have been delivered after 9 Tammuz 586 B. (July 18) according to the chronologies that hold that Jerusalem fell in 586 B. But the captivity of Ezekiel and Jehoiachin started in Adar of 597 B. C.”—Steinmann, From Abraham to Paul: A Biblical Chronology, 50, 136-137. C.”—Thiele, The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings, 189. The date may have been given also to mark the accession of Mattaniah—Zedekiah (2K. “Jerusalem fell in the fourth month (Tammuz) of 587 BC. “The first deportation of Jews to Babylon was in 605 B. Work was begun on the temple in: 537 Anderson2[xii]; 536 Finegan[267]; 535 Jones2[256]; 537 MBA[127].

For information on various deportations associated with the Babylonian Captivity, see Deportations. “Although the Babylonian tablets dealing with the final fall and destruction of Jerusalem have not been found, it should be noticed that the testimony of Ezekiel is definitive in regard to the year 586. All sources which bear on the question—Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and 2 Kings—are consistent in dating the event in that year.”—Young, When Did Jerusalem Fall? “Jeremiah consistently used Tishri years for Judah, as did Ezekiel and the source for the last chapters of 2 Kings. Ezekiel’s statement that the year was both the 25th year of the captivity he shared with Jehoiachin and also 14 years after Jerusalem fell cannot be reconciled with a 586 date for the fall of the city. Opposition to the work delayed construction for more than a decade.

Such discrepancies between traditional Egyptian chronology and the Bible are used to attack the Bible’s historical accuracy.Since it is not an area of our expertise, we have drawn from a number of sources, some that are well known in the field. For the newcomer to Bible chronology, some of the date ranges in the table below may seem puzzling—sometimes exhibiting overlapping dates for sequential events dated by the same source. provides this record for the seventh year of Nebuchadnezzar: In the seventh year, the month of Kislimu, the king of Akkad mustered his troops, marched to the Hatti-land, and encamped against the city of Judah and on the second day of the month of Addaru he seized the city and captured the king. The sons of Jeconiah, the prisoner, were Shealtiel his son, and Malchiram, Pedaiah, Shenazzar, Jekamiah, Hoshama and Nedabiah." (1 Chronicles 18) b.Both Josiah and Jehoiachin had sons named (Mattaniah) Zedekiah, however 2 Kings uses the specific Hebrew word for "uncle" of Jehoiachin. He will be buried with a donkeys burial, Dragged off and thrown out beyond the gates of Jerusalem." (Jeremiah 19) "The Lord said, I will remove Judah also from My sight, as I have removed Israel.

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