Config files in etc need updating

It will allow you to copy various similar configuration files to all your nodes.

The format of the first entry in this example maps a specific email address to a local mailbox, whereas the format of the second entry maps a specific email address to a remote mailbox.

But when I rebooted my system I lost my network connection !

The file /etc/sv/wpa_supplicant/run has been modified during the update, but without taking care of the original file, so my personal settings are lost !

You could actually delete the after OH2 has loaded up the KNX Binding configuration and all would work fine since OH2 will read the Binding config from it's already stored info.

This is not recommended since you should keep your config files in place for future reference. Working with OH2 stored configs In order to display, change, and/or delete already stored configurations within the internal OH2 map DB/Dirs, you can use the Apache Karaf Console: __ _____ ____ ____ ____ ___ ____ / / / / | / __ ) / __ \/ __ \/ _ \/ __ \/ /_/ / /| | / __ | / /_/ / /_/ / __/ / / / __ / ___ |/ /_/ / \____/ .___/\___/_/ /_/_/ /_/_/ |_/_____/ /_/ 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT Build #558 Hit ' Warning: Changes made in the configs via the Karaf console will not be recorded in your /etc/openhab2/ config files and these files will be re-read by OH2 at startup, overwriting the OH2 stored config parameters. Backup & Restore of your OH2 configs5.1 Backup systemctl stop openhab2 TIMESTAMP=`date %Y%m%d_%H%M%S`; mkdir /backup mkdir /backup/openhab2-backup-$TIMESTAMP cp -arv /etc/openhab2 /backup/openhab2-backup-$TIMESTAMP/conf cp -arv /var/lib/openhab2 /backup/openhab2-backup-$TIMESTAMP/userdata systemctl start openhab2 BR, Dim References:i) for example) -- does it also get removed from the internal configuration?

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Intro This tutorial is based on an apt-get installation of OH2 in Linux and is for advanced/manual configuration of Open Hab 2 and for troubleshooting purposes.

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