Astrology dating is also a common thing stars say

Wartime censorship and a fear of public panic led to the severity of the virus being suppressed in Allied countries. This media exposure led to the erroneous term - Spanish Flu. From United States perspective Spanish Flu claimed more than the entire Civil War and decreased average life expectancy by 12 years.Unlike normal flu the peak mortality ages were between 25 to 29 - healthy adults in the prime of their lives.More than anything else, this is a partner who will always understand you.This is fantastically intuitive, caring and affectionate match.If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.

The Ascendant and the MC's rulers, along with Mercury (communication), Jupiter and Saturn and their interaction (capacity for insertion into society), etc. It is obviously the chart taken as a whole that must be analysed if one is to get an accurate picture of the person's potential.

cheating, out drunk every night etc, which again, is another implication..him!

I am very honest and very loyal but very proud and above all things I have the utmost respect for my pride and generally never make a first move.

It indicates the main characteristics of your social status and your profession and describes your true nature.

As for your appearance, your general behaviour, and your leisure, we suggest that you refer to the article dealing with your solar sign.

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